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Streda 26. Február 2020 | meniny má Viktor

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The right music can soothe your savage beast, er cat - CNET

26.02.2020 06:00 Cat compositions could make for a more relaxing visit to the veterinarian, scientists discover.

Facebook to ban ads touting cures for coronavirus - CNET

26.02.2020 06:00 The social network is trying to curb the misinformation and fearmongering surrounding the illness.

The top 5 treatments for getting younger looking skin in 2020 - CNET

26.02.2020 04:31 You can stay looking young for longer, but you might have to try out some extreme treatments.

All the ways Bob Iger transformed Disney as CEO - CNET

26.02.2020 02:45 Acquisitions like Pixar and Marvel, and revamping the Disney theme parks, are Iger's legacy as he steps down.

Schools are tracking kids and that raises all kinds of questions video - CNET

26.02.2020 02:45 A look at how schools are using kids' phones for tracking purposes and how Firefox wants to make internet browsing more private.

Indiana Jones Ark of the Covenant could be worth a face-melting $250k - CNET

26.02.2020 01:35 Antiques Roadshow sheds light on the pyrotechnic prototype, which was made from picture frames and trophies.

Ford issues recalls for F-150 block heaters, Super Duty and E-Series rear ends - Roadshow

26.02.2020 01:35 Low differential oil and faulty EcoBoost engine block heaters are causing problems for some Ford owners.

Sony Vision-S electric car stunned at CES, now in testing on public roads - Roadshow

26.02.2020 01:35 Nobody saw this slippery EV coming, let alone the Vision-S connected car platform underneath, but people loved it and now it's out in the wild.

2021 Mercedes-AMG GLA45 proves power comes in all sizes - Roadshow

26.02.2020 00:30 With 382 horsepower onboard, the GLA45 remains small, yet mighty.

Get a Rocketbook smart reusable Executive-size notebook for $27 - CNET

26.02.2020 00:30 Save $5 on the last notebook you'll ever need to buy, and put the savings towards additional FriXion pens.

Instacart shoppers should be classified as employees, judge rules - CNET

26.02.2020 00:30 This is the first court decision since California's new gig worker law went into effect and it could lead the way to enforcing the law.

Indiana Jones Ark of the Covenant prop gets face-melting appraisal - CNET

26.02.2020 00:30 Antiques Roadshow sheds light on the pyrotechnic prototype made by ILM.

Disney CEO Bob Iger steps down suddenly, capping career with Disney Plus' epic launch - CNET

26.02.2020 00:30 The company's head of parks, Bob Chapek, is now CEO. Iger will continue to be Disney's chairman and focus on "the creative side of our business" until the end of next year.

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