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Insiders Newsletter and Coaching

07.06.2019 00:36 Insiders Newsletter I have mentioned this before but here it is again: I realize that I do not provide very detailed information about my training program, which could be potentially more interesting to someone not familiar with how an elite athlete trains. I want to add content and offer more of my own insights. I am setting up an

10 kg hammer plus standing long jump

06.06.2019 00:03 Hello followers, I uploaded a video of me throwing 10kg hammer and actually hitting my new PR last week. In case you missed the memo here is the video again: However, I wanted to share something else. It was really cold out there today and instead of throwing outside I decided to go inside

Safety Bar Squat 4x530lbs

06.06.2019 00:03 Hello people, first of all, let me tell you how satisfied I am with this week of training. I have had some great throwing sessions and lifting was not too shabby either. At the end of the week, I did some Safety Bar Squats. I think that if you have a shoulder injury (like

Miami Training Camp March 2013

06.06.2019 00:03 Hammer throwing fans, I spent the last week of training at home of Hurricanes – University of Miami. This was a nice change for me mainly because the weather was nice, warm and I did not have to wear long spandex and long sleeve shirts during the practice. Another important reason was to leave

Florida Relays 2013 Summary

06.06.2019 00:03 I had my first meet of the season last Friday in Gainesville, Florida. I usually open up at Florida Relays every year since I really like the atmosphere, the circle is good enough to throw a big mark as well, and the weather! The weather has been almost always nice, warm and sunny. I said

Radford Invite 77.06m and “B” standard for WC

06.06.2019 00:03 Radford Invite 2013 was my second competition of the year. I decided to compete since my first meet did not go as well as I planned to. However, Radford was one of those from-full-practice meets and I had no intention to throw really far. The point was just to slightly improve my season best and

2013 Season Wrap up

06.06.2019 00:03 Hello hammer fans, I know it has been a while since I wrote my last blog post and posted it on my website, but things were quite busy. Yes, there is always some free time that could be spent by writing a post, but let’s just say I like to be lazy…. “sometimes”. I

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