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3100 Mile Race 2014

15.05.2019 04:07 Day 52: Jayasalini's finish: Timelapse video from day 3: Photos from the race: Official websiteUtpal´s blogBaladev's YouTube chanelStutisheel's blog Sopan's blog Results

3100 Mile Race 2015

09.05.2019 03:06 Day 52: Day 52 from Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team on Vimeo. All I can say is that this race you don't do alone. You are never alone out there on the course. You have so many hopes and dreams and inspirations of everybody, who is following the race. It is just amazing how even though you are not really in contact with humanity. You are not in contact with newspapers and whatever. You really feel how the race is somehow percolating out there, and inspiring people." "Life is hard for everybody. Everybody is running their own version of the 3100 mile race. Everybody has their own difficulties. Definitely I felt that if I could inspire even one person to stick it out one more day. To never give up. To just push your way through the tunnel. Than that is somehow really worth it. "Nirbhasa you did something remarkable, you finished the race on your first attempt. You have become the first Irishman to ever finish the race." "I think the race is really Sri Chinmoy's philosophy in action. The mind can't really comprehend the distance. It can't comprehend the enormity. It can't even comprehend doing a full day, never mind, it is just trying to get to the next break. That is about as far as the mind can handle. It is only when you live in the heart, and only when you have tremendous eagerness. A tremendous feeling of being in the moment, and just being happy, and letting it happen." Live webcam from 3100 Mile Race is hereOfficial website Photogallery at Photos by Prabhakar 24

Fotky a časozberné video z Košického maratónu 2014

03.05.2019 02:33 Tu su linky na galérie s Košického MMM maratónu 2014:

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