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Personal encryption usage is increasing

21.05.2019 01:37 According to a Venafi survey of 512 security professionals attending RSA Conference 2018, sixty-four percent of respondents say their personal encryption usage has increased due to recent geopolitical changes.

Wah, encryption makes policing hard, cries UK´s National Crime Agency

21.05.2019 01:37 Encryption is making it more difficult for law enforcement agencies to detect dangerous offenders, according the the National Crime Agency's yearly assessment of serious organised crime in Britain. Since 2010, communication service providers have migrated to encrypted services ´by default´, a process that accelerated following the Snowden disclosures, said the

New law would stop Feds from demanding encryption backdoor

21.05.2019 01:37 US lawmakers from both major political parties came together on Thursday to reintroduce a bill that, if passed, would prohibit the American government from forcing tech product makers to undermine the security of their wares.

NIST starts down road toward IoT encryption

21.05.2019 01:37 The National Institute of Standards and Technology wants comments on the best way to design criteria to evaluate new encryption standards for small computing devices. NIST will eventually ask researchers and cryptographers for algorithms that could be used to encrypt data on small, "constrained devices," such as sensors, RFID tags, industrial controllers and smart cards that are being incorporated into automobiles, internet-of-things devices, the smart grid and distributed control systems. But first the agency needs to establish the requirements and evaluation criteria that will guide the review of the algorithms.

How to encrypt email

20.05.2019 00:38 Email was one of the earliest forms of communication on the internet, and if you’re reading this you almost undoubtedly have at least one email address. Critics today decry the eventual fall of email, but for now it’s still one of the most universal means of communicating with other people that we have. One of the biggest problems with this cornerstone of electronic communication is that it isn’t very private. By default, most email providers do not provide the means to encrypt messages or attachments. This leaves email users susceptible to hackers, snoops, and thieves. So you want to start encrypting your email? Well, let’s start by saying that setting up email encryption yourself is not the most convenient process. You don’t need a degree in cryptography or anything, but it will take a dash of tech savvy. We’ll walk you through the process later on in this article. Alternatively, you can use an off-the-shelf encrypted email client. Tutanota is one such secure email service, with apps for mobile and a web mail client. It even encrypts your attachments and contact lists. Tutanota is open-source, so it can be audited by third parties to ensure it’s safe. All encryption takes place in the background. While we can vouch for Tutanota, it’s worth mentioning that there are a lot of email apps out there that claim to offer end-to-end encryption, but many contain security vulnerabilities and other shortcomings. Do your research before choosing an off-the-shelf secure email app. If you’d prefer to configure your own email encryption, keep reading.

Jak tvořit a pamatovat si hesla

14.05.2019 01:09 Užitečný příspěvek "14 Ways to Create a Secure Password in 2019" na stále potřebné téma jak vytvářet a pamatovat si hesla od Jacka Forstera.

Přehled kvalitních bezplatných bezpečnostních programů

03.05.2019 00:03 25+ Free Security Tools That You Need to Start Přehled bezplatných silných antivirových a dalších bezpečnostních programů, které vám mohou pomoci udržet vaše citlivé informace v bezpečí.

Policie zatkla cizince, do bankomatu montovali čtečku karet

01.05.2019 19:42 Policisté v Praze zadrželi dva cizince těsně po tom, co do bankomatu nainstalovali skimmovací zařízení s cílem dostat se k penězům klientů. U zadržených mužů pak policisté zajistili i celou řadu nástrojů k páchání této trestné činnosti a vysílačky, informoval ve středu policejní mluvčí Jan Daněk.

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