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Streda 30. September 2020 |
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Dispatches from a Pandemic: ‘The Real Housewives of Pennsylvania Avenue’: Insults traded at the Trum - Software Industry News 30.09.2020 21:31 ‘Three 70-something men shouting at each other — what a terrible look for U.S. politics.’  Čítané: (1)

Google introduces new Pixel 5 smartphone, Chromecast, Nest speaker - Software Industry News 30.09.2020 21:31 Alphabet Inc.’s Google refreshed its product line Wednesday with new smartphones, Chromecast laptop, and a new Nest speaker.  Čítané: (1)

The Margin: Google searches for K-shaped recovery, white supremacy and ‘how to move to New Zealand’ - Software Industry News 30.09.2020 20:01 These were the most-searched Google and dictionary terms during the first presidential debate  Čítané: (1)

Deep Dive: Here are the biggest winners in a solid third quarter for U.S. stocks - Software Industry News 30.09.2020 18:17 Gains were spread across tech, materials, industrials and retailers.  Čítané: (1)

Dispatches from a Pandemic: ‘Endurance is more difficult than aggression’: Love, death, coronavirus - Software Industry News 30.09.2020 14:30 ‘We Americans lack social willingness. We’re independent, defiant, and we won’t be told what to do. One might call it selfish, impetuous,’ Matthew Conlon writes.  Čítané: (1)

Jak na plošný spoj ve Fusion 360 vložit referenční značku?

CAD Fórum tipy (CZ, RSS) 30.09.2020 12:00 Viz Odpověď na tip 12747: ] Čítané: (1)

Disney to lay off 28,000 theme-park workers, exec says California ‘exacerbated’ pandemic’s effects - Software Industry News 30.09.2020 00:05 The massive job reduction was the most eye-opening among several severe cost-cutting measures made by Disney, which has lost billions of dollars in potential revenue because of suspended operations at its amusement parks, live-production units, and cruise lines since COVID-19-imposed closures dating back to March.  Čítané: (1)